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At this crucial juncture of your life you are confronted with dilemma of choosing your career. It is our experience that a very large number of students are having inclination to join Civil Services and we hope that you too have same bend of mind, without your having been influenced by other extraneous factors.

Well, we must laud your decision but nevertheless, do remind you that you require to put in a lot of hard work, dedication, sincerity and devotion to be successful in achieving your cherished goal. The road to success is not easy but, nevertheless, not impossible. The single most important factor which contributes to achieve students’ success is proper guidance and it is here where LBS IAS steps in.

It is with great pleasure and pride we apprise you that LBS IAS Study Group is the proper forum taking care of all your needs and queries, through which you can be sure of achieving your goal. LBS IAS is a firm believer in pursuit of serious academic excellence, and has been instrumental in shaping the careers of hundreds and thousands of students who have joined top ranking Civils at National as well as at State Level as well as other exams. This has been possible only because of the sincere and dedicated efforts of our highly experienced teachers who know no rest. You can always contact them for solving your problems.

LBS IAS coaching modules comprising of specially designed and updated study material provide a large variety of questions generally asked in competitive examinations. These modules have gained immense popularity, since they take care of all your requirements. You will be getting the opportunity of studying in small batches in spacious classrooms, all air conditioned in a very serene environment.

NOW IS THE TIME for you to take the right decision and act. There may be a large number of coaching institutes in and around AGRA but LBS IAS is surely ‘The Best’. Don’t fritter away this rare opportunity for achieving your goal.

We might not have met with each other as yet, but I assure you that you can unhesitatingly interact with me or with my staff in the event of any query. I wish you success in every walk of life.

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